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Baptizing celebrations within the family circle

Besides birth, baptism is the first great event to be celebrated in the life of a child. Friends and relatives travel from near and far to marvel at the offspring and attend the festivity. After the ceremony, you withdraw into your own four walls or – depending on the setting – to a suitable location for a private celebration.

Depending on personal preferences and the number of guests, a baptismal ceremony can be very different. Whether as a festive banquet in an exquisite round or a simple buffet where relatives can talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

Best conditions for a great family celebration

It doesn’t matter what you wish for, our event salon at podium49 will always meet your requirements! In addition to our Large Salon, which can accommodate up to 70 people depending on the seating order, there are two small adjacent rooms available for the stay and the arrangement of a buffet.

The atmosphere in our rooms is full of the historic old building flair of the former vine cellar. In our design concept we take up the history of the place and create in this way a unique ambience. While a large painting at the head of the Salon exudes Rhine Romanticism, our guests can choose from exquisite wines in our wine library. Large windows and high stucco ceilings provide not only sufficient daylight, but also a luxurious atmosphere, which is reflected in the elegant furnishings of our Large Salon.

All-round service for baptism

In podium 49, you will also find the best conditions for multimedia purposes. Besides extensive technical equipment, consisting of a beamer, TV and sound system, we also offer professional social media support for your event. Together we make sure that your christening ceremony is digitally recorded for friends and relatives who may not be able to attend the festivity.

You would like to leave the planning of the event to us? We will be happy to arrange everything you need so that you can fully enjoy the party. Would you like a buffet or banquet? In consultation with you, we will organise the appropriate catering for your needs. Together with the restaurant Matthieu´s we provide you and your guests with exquisite dishes of young German cuisine combined with a Mediterranean flair, where you can find something for every taste. Of course we also work together with other catering partners. Based on your culinary wishes, we recommend the right partner for you.

After arrangement we will also be pleased to provide you with competent service personnel.

Our recommendation: the all-round carefree package, with which you can benefit not only from the advantages of our premises, but also from our comprehensive service offer. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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